Terms & Conditions

By submitting information to the CSAS National STEM Directory you understand and agree that this information will be shared publicly on the Coalition for Science After School’s (CSAS) website (scienceafterschool.org) and Time Warner Cable’s philanthropy microsite (URL forthcoming), as well as through a widget that 3rd parties can access to place a CSAS National STEM Directory search on any website. You understand that your contact information will be used by Directory administrators and will be shared publicly to promote STEM education opportunities. However, your contact information will not be given or sold to any third party for non-educational purposes. CSAS reserves the right to take action on any reported abuse or unintended use of the Directory or data contained within. CSAS is not obligated to post any submissions to the Directory.

These Terms & Conditions are subject to change and do not represent the final Terms & Conditions of the Directory. Revised Terms & Conditions will be available at the end of the Beta period.

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