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The National After School Science Directory

The National After School Science Directory is in the process of transitioning to a new host organization, as the Coalition for Science After School sunset operations on June 30, 2014.

During the transition, the Directory will remain available and active. Registered organizations and those searching the Directory through our sister site — The Connectory — will not experience any gaps in service. During and after the Directory transition it will remain an active, dynamic resource for organizations and families interested in STEM in out-of-school time. If you have questions about the Directory during the transition, please contact

The National After School Science Directory was developed in partnership with Time Warner Cable as part of its philanthropic initiative Connect a Million Minds. Signing up will give your organization access to submit programs and events to this database. After you submit your organization, you will receive a username and password via email. Log in to add programs and events to your organization’s profile.

Please Note: This is not an organization directory. You must add programs and events to your profile to come up in search results. We look forward to finding your outstanding STEM offerings in this Directory. Thank you for contributing!

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Our organization supports the Coalition's vision and mission. As a responsible official for my organization, I agree to offer organizational support to the Coalition’s network of individuals and organizations that also support this vision. Furthermore, I offer the expertise and, where appropriate, resources of the organization in support of this mission. The Coalition will support my efforts by serving as a communication and dissemination network for new knowledge, promising practices, development opportunities, and other relevant information. My organization will have access to the reports and findings of the Coalition and may use these in development of high quality STEM opportunities for youth.

DISCLAIMER: This agreement is in support of the principles of the Coalition and does not constitute a financial obligation. There is no fee or other required financial contribution to become a member of the Coalition for Science After School.

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